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Pilates Payment Policy 

OPTION 1 – Block Payment

Please be aware that payment is due for all classes in a new block regardless of the number of classes you attend. We will let you know the cost of each new block and any dates that classes are not running. Payment for each new block should be made on the day of the first class and can be made by credit or debit card, or by cash.

If paying by credit or debit card, we will offer you the option for us to store your card details to allow you to make faster payments for future blocks. You can provide these details to us either in person or over the phone. We will always request your consent prior to taking any payment from your account. This will normally be requested on the day of the first class of a new block.

OPTION 2 – Monthly Payment Scheme

This is the most cost-effective way to pay for classes. If you choose this method of payment you will receive a discounted rate and will be guaranteed at least 40 classes within the 44-week Pilates year, which starts around the end of August and runs to approximately the end of June of the following year. Your space in the class is guaranteed for as long as payment continues.

Setting up a Monthly Payment

Payments are spread over twelve monthly instalments.   You will need to provide your credit or debit card details to us either in person or over the phone and we will arrange for the monthly payment to be set up. We’ll then send you confirmation details of how much the payments are and when they’ll be taken from your card account.


  1. Should payments change due to price increases we will notify you in writing.
  2. If your card expires during your payment scheme, please let us know and we will update your details.
  3. If you switch bank account your Monthly Payment will not be transferred across to your new card, so you will need to contact us with your updated details.


If you decide to stop classes before the end of the Pilates year you will need to contact us to cancel your Monthly Payment. The amount already paid will be offset against the number of blocks attended and any money owed to either party will be notified to you.

Things you need to know

  1. The price calculated for the Monthly Payment Scheme allows for 4 cancelled classes within the 44 week Pilates year
  2. The Summer Block is not included in the Monthly Payment Scheme. If you wish to attend these classes, you will be charged at the normal Pay As You Go rate.
  3. No classes will run for two weeks over the Christmas period.

OPTION 3 – Pay As You Go Classes

We currently run some Pay As You Go classes and these can be booked on our class booking page.


Block Payment and Pay As You Go £9.00 per class
Monthly Payment Scheme – 1 class per week £8.73 per class (£29.10 per month over 12 months)
Monthly Payment Scheme  – 2 classes per week £8.55 per class (£57.00 per month over 12 months)
Monthly Payment Scheme – 2 classes per week £8.73 per class (£29.10 per month over 12 months)

 ICPC October 2019