Pilates Payment Policy 

There are two available payment options for Pilates Classes.

OPTION 1 Block Payment

Payment for each block is due by or on the date of the first class. The cost of the block is calculated by multiplying £8.50 by the number of weeks in the block.  We will let you know the cost of each block and any dates the class is not running.  Please note payment is due for all classes in the block regardless of the number of classes you attend. Should you decide not to attend the block we unfortunately are unable to hold your space in that class. If you decide to return at a later date we will do everything we can to find a space in a suitable class.

OPTION 2 Regular Payment Scheme

This is the most cost efficient way to pay for classes. The cost of attending classes in the period between August and June the following year is spread over twelve regular payments. Payment can be made either by card or direct debit. Those who choose this method of payment receive a discounted rate and are guaranteed at least 40 classes during the period. Their space in the class is guaranteed for as long as payment continues. Should circumstances change and a participant decides to come out of a class before the end of the final block (June/July) then the amount already paid will be offset against the number of blocks attended and any money owed by either party will be calculated.

If you wish to sign up for our direct debit/ regular payment scheme, monthly payments are as follows:-

One class per week – £27.62 per month

Two classes per week – £53.88 per month

One express class per week – £19.50 per month

Please Note

Price Comparison

Block Payment £8.50 per class
Monthly Payment Scheme – 1 class per week £8.28 per class
Monthly Payment Scheme  – 2 classes per week £8.08 per class